This was my first group tour, and I’m thankful that it happened to be through Venture Out. I think you provided one of the best possible experiences… I had a fabulous trip to Egypt, a once in a lifetime experience for me. What I liked most was Eric! He truly was a gracious host to what Egypt had to offer: sweet, patient, extremely organized and in control, with a great taste level, a wonderful sense of humor, knowledgeable and adaptable, and all around pleasant to spend time with. The restaurants and food in general were all outstanding and unique – I appreciated the focus on Egyptian cuisine. The cruise was first rate, such a unique and elegant experience. All of the site visits were worthwhile if not astounding. The hotels were unique, trendy, tasteful, clean and comfortable. The balloon ride over Luxor was transcendent; visit to Abu Simbel temple on the eve of the twice yearly sunrise penetration of the inner sanctum was very exciting. I know I could never have made the same kind of arrangements that Eric provided so effortlessly and I truly appreciate that.

— Gary R., New York City