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2019-2020 Tour Summaries

Chile — Top to Bottom

November 10–21, 2020
For lovers of the outdoors Chile is a must. In the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, and Chiloé Island we use luxury all-inclusive lodges with a variety of activities — from the tame to the high-octane! Witness the majestic “end-of-the-world” landscape in Patagonia; the other-worldly moonscapes of the Atacama Desert; and the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Chiloé Island.

The Basque Lands

June 29–July 5, 2020 and September 1-7, 2020
The Basque country is home to a fiercely independent people with an ancient language. Our itinerary reveals the delights of this region of Spain (and a smidgen of France) that is undeniably quite a bit unlike the rest of the country. The area is full of enticements — modern architecture, famous wine, renowned cuisine, history, and beaches to name just a few.

Japan — Then and Now

October 13–22, 2019
From the bright lights and pulsating streets of high-tech, ultra-modern Tokyo, to the beautiful landscapes and charms of the Japan Alps, and finally to an in-depth tour of historic imperial Kyoto with its must-see temples, shrines and gardens, this 10-day very special journey through Japan will provide you with a wonderful feel for the country’s various highlights.

Southern Africa Trifecta

August 30–September 10, 2019
We’re pleased once again to offer this very popular tour for the sixth time. It blends a splendid sampling of African culture, incredible wildlife, other outdoor activities, great food and wine, gorgeous scenery, and stunning accommodations. Destinations include Cape Town and environs; game reserves in South Africa and Botswana; and Victoria Falls.