2020-2021 Tour Summaries

The Basque Lands

July 17–23, 2022
The Basque country is home to a fiercely independent people with an ancient language. Our itinerary reveals the delights of this region of Spain (and a smidgen of France) that is undeniably quite a bit unlike the rest of the country. The area is full of enticements — modern architecture, famous wine, renowned cuisine, history, and beaches to name just a few.

Genoa to Pisa

September 9–16, 2022
Italy’s Riviera is both a historic destination and a fabulously pleasure-seeking one, where you can explore lavish palazzi and simple village churches but also enjoy good food, sample the local wines, do some gorgeous walks, and gaze at the azure sea. The dramatic coastal topography is certainly impressive but so are its charming towns along the way. If you have a bit more time join our optional extension to Florence and environs!

Ultimate Tanzania Safari

November 1–12, 2022
Tanzania is a safari-lover’s delight, and our itinerary focuses in large part on lesser-known reserves — fewer visitors, more remote! Our carefully selected high-end safari camps are situated in the very best locations within prime game-viewing areas. Our experience is immersive, authentic, and engaging. Protecting wilderness areas and the surrounding communities is a key concern of our suppliers in Tanzania. And their teams welcome us with warmth and make us feel at home with genuine African hospitality.

Japan: Farther Afield

May 9–19, 2023
A sequel to our popular Japan highlights tour, this new itinerary will take in destinations that are a bit less visited: the natural beauty of Hakone; the city of Kanazawa with one of Japan’s most famous gardens; Japan’s other major metropolis, Osaka; Himeji Castle; Bizen pottery; the contemporary art of Naoshima Island; Hiroshima; charming Miyajima Island; and more!

Insights to Portugal

September 7–15, 2023
Portugal — the European continent’s “west coast” — has become fashionable in recent years. It’s understandable with its hundreds of miles of shore and a California-type climate. Beyond that it’s an ancient compact land with a rich history, pretty villages, monumental architecture, excellent food and wine, hospitable people, and a laid-back lifestyle. Five hundred years ago Portugal set out to explore the world. Now the world is coming to them!