About Us — A Message from the Owner

Dear Travel Lovers,

Please allow me to introduce you to the exciting world of Venture Out, where you'll find enticing escorted small-group gay tours for LGBTQ travelers and our friends. Venture Out emerged in 1998 out of the growing need for a greater selection of upscale guided tours for our audience, and since that time we've become an award-winning leader for small-group vacations in the gay travel arena.

At Venture Out we design tours that lend themselves to small-group travel. It would be challenging and time-consuming for individuals to arrange the variety of activities and in-depth cultural exploration we've built in to our itineraries. We bring together no more than 15 participants (sometimes fewer), ensuring an intimacy and camaraderie between group members and with the professional guide who accompanies each vacation. Check out our current calendar of gay vacations.

Activities will vary on every trip — some are culturally oriented, whereas a few may be more focused on soft adventure. Very comfortable accommodations and memorable dining are keystones of the Venture Out trip experience. Flexibility, a spirit of adventure, and enthusiasm for new people and places are the most important qualities for our guests to possess. We welcome gay travelers (and their friends and families) who approach their journeys with a sense of curiosity about the culture they will visit.


While our trips are certainly fun, if what you're looking for is a party-like atmosphere — say, aboard a large cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort — then Venture Out's programs might not be for you. But you never know . . . Get in touch and "feel us out." You might find that one of our trips fits the bill. What we provide is a travel experience that is fashioned from carefully selected programs of insightful cultural sightseeing and/or outdoor activities. We'll not only take you off the beaten track, but we'll also take you to some exciting well-trodden spots where we'll show you a uniqueness and subtlety that most tourists don't encounter.


Gay Group ToursI invite you to explore this site. We think you'll find trips that you want to know more about. If we're right, then please contact us and let us know what questions we can answer for you. Join us and Venture Out . . .

Robert Driscoll, Founder & Owner

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