Japan: Farther Afield

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Friday, May 19, 2023

Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun

  • The national park and resort area of Hakone, an easy day trip out of Tokyo, with lovely mountain scenery, a pretty lake, a world-class museum, and Mt. Fuji presiding over it all
  • Kanazawa, known for one of the best gardens in Japan, along with beautifully preserved samurai and geisha districts and a wonderful market
  • Extensive and impressive contemporary art collections in gorgeous natural settings on the island of Naoshima
  • The former shipping port of Kurashiki, now a picturesque place with its willow-draped canals, converted historic warehouses, and laneways lined with old wooden houses and shops
  • A visit to a working pottery studio specializing in the art of ancient Bizen ceramics dating from the 12th century
  • Feasting our eyes on the colorful human parade of Osaka's Dotombori district, a city where "eat till you drop" is practically its motto
  • Day trips to historical Kyoto and Nara

Tour Details

For May 2023 we’re excited to introduce this new itinerary in Japan that will differ entirely from the very popular tour that we ran from 2014 to 2019. Starting from Tokyo and finishing in Osaka this 10-night program will show us Honshu — Japan’s main island — in greater depth than the standard highlights type of tour.




HAKONE – A day trip out of Tokyo, Hakone boasts world-class art museums, walking trails, and gorgeous mountain and lake scenery with sacred Mt. Fuji dominating over the entire setting. Hakone Open-Air Museum is home to a rich assortment of 19th and 20th century sculptures and installations by leading Japanese artists as well as Rodin, Miró, Picasso, and Henry Moore. We get around, in part, with a gondola ride in the hills and a cruise on Lake Ashino.


KANAZAWA – A feudal-era capital that in its heyday rivaled Kyoto as a center for the arts, a vibrant artisan tradition is still present here along with one of Japan’s top gardens — Kenroku-en — dating from the 17th century. Kanazawa also has an excellent contemporary art museum; a rich food culture that draws heavily from the nearby Sea of Japan; beautifully preserved samurai and geisha districts; and a wonderful market. It also produces 98 percent of Japan’s gold leaf.


HIMEJI-JO – Reputedly one of Japan’s most magnificent castles, and one of the rare originals dating from the 16th century, Himeji-jo is big and well-preserved. The white plaster facade and generally elegant appearance have earned it the nickname of White Egret Castle, and it has starred in its fair share of roles in Japanese movies.


BIZEN POTTERY –  A historic ceramic-making center Bizen has been renowned for its pottery since the Kamakura period (1185-1333). We stop at a hospitable artisan family, with deep roots in the area, who show us their kilns and explain the process of creating this highly prized pottery with an opportunity to purchase their beautiful creations.



KURASHIKI – This town possesses a well-preserved atmospheric merchant quarter and picturesque willow-draped canal. Small lanes are lined with old wooden houses and shops. The Ohara Museum of Art houses a fine collection of mostly Western paintings, prints, and sculpture and was established by a local textile magnate in the early 20th century.



NAOSHIMA – A rural island that has now become a world-class center for contemporary art Naoshima has hosted many of Japan’s well-regarded architects who have contributed their work, designed to enhance the island’s natural beauty. It’s a captivating blend of avant-garde and gorgeous natural settings. Museums and numerous outdoor sculptures dot the island, and creative types from around Japan have set up small businesses here.



OSAKA –  Japan’s third-largest city (Yokohama is second, but it’s rather an extension of Tokyo) Osaka is an urban extravaganza with locals who are known to be more approachable than Tokyoites. A dazzling nighttime sensory experience with neon lights, animated signage, and flashy video screens awaits. And oh, the food – the city’s unofficial slogan is kuidaore (eat until you drop), and its most famous street food is takoyaki (grilled octopus dumplings) – yum!