Should gay travelers visit “hostile” destinations?

African wildlife safari for gay group travelersWe’re re-posting this article from mid-2014 as it’s got a lot of food for thought as the gay travel population considers its international options. We at Venture Out, not surprisingly, are of the opinion that it’s better — in general — not to shut out so many countries just because they haven’t progressed as much as the U.S. and other Western and developed nations. If you simply go by the laws on the books you’ll be missing much of the world. We think it’s better to be visible, to be representatives, a diplomatic corps of sorts to help progress happen across the world. Gay travelers staying out of sight and out of mind in these places does nothing to make advances.

Obviously we need to be careful about the specific destination (if it’s particularly hostile for example), and there’s always a manner of comportment that is called for in these places (whether you’re gay or not gay). For instance, open displays of affection, regardless of your sexual orientation, are just a no-no in so many places across the globe.

So get out there — and happy travels in 2015!

Should Gay Travelers Go to Hostile Places?

In the world of international gay travel there can be that gnawing question: “Should I go to XYZ if it’s not a gay-welcoming place?” There are a variety of opinions out there about this.  Basically, Venture Out thinks it comes down to exactly what that place is, what you intend to do there, how you like to travel, etc. We don’t believe in avoiding places that aren’t specifically gay-friendly. Much of the world isn’t specifically gay-friendly — believe it or not. You could forgo trips to places like India and China or not do an amazing wildlife safari in Africa, but these are gray areas where there exist out gay people and where increasing exposure can help break down barriers of ignorance and lead — eventually, slowly — to greater acceptance.

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