Congratulations on putting together twenty years of exquisite tours! They have provided unparalleled memories for our lifetimes.
— Bill P. and Jake F., Palm Springs, CA

Review of Gay Italy Tours

Thanks for being such a marvelous and attentive tour guide. It made my first trip to Italy an awesome experience. Together, your tour of southern Spain last year and this Italy tour continue to change the way I view the world. At the same time those two tours back to back have changed the things I view in the world . . . Thanks again for many memorable moments!
–Charley M., Dallas, TX

Reviews of Gay Italy Tours

I want to thank you for another wonderful travel experience. I loved seeing “the places in between” and know that I would not have seen them but for your trip. I so appreciate all the planning you do to pick fascinating cities, beautiful hotels, and delicious meals. Your attention to detail is very obvious and allows me to have a sense of adventure and luxury that is always the highlight of my year . . . Thank you again for all your hard work and for enriching my life through your trips.
–Eric S., San Francisco, CA


Those who have traveled with you, and particularly myself, have appreciated every effort you’ve made on our behalf. You’ve made me quite a sloth when it comes to travel planning because I know everything will be taken care of; time will be full of visual wonders; meals and lodging will amaze and charm.
— Tom B., Washington, DC


I had one of the best times of my life on this trip… I so enjoyed our accommodations and destinations and the care and thought you put into your choices that I will long be recommending your tours to my traveling friends… Every day of this trip was full of pleasure for me… Thank you for a wonderful time.
— Jerome M., New York City  


My husband and I have had the pleasure of traveling with Venture Out on more than a dozen occasions. Robert is a consummate professional. One of the things we most enjoy about traveling with him is that there is nothing to worry about. Robert attends to every detail. And, his trips always include locations, hotels and adventures you could never find on your own. I know for a fact that Rich and I are not the only ones who feel this way. We have friends here in the Bay Area who have traveled with Venture Out on many occasions and we have made friends on Robert’s trips, whom we see again and again on subsequent Venture Out tours.
— Dave M. & Rich K., San Francisco


The whole experience was a series of unanticipated pleasures. Great food from animals and their parts I had never planned to touch let alone enjoy. Much more developed architecture than I had been led to believe existed there in cities I would have visited with no one but you, and two different peoples where I had expected only two variations on a theme. As the son and brother of teachers learning that you were a teacher explains a lot to me why your tours are so much more that just a group of happy homos seeing the sights. While we did have fun and our escort certainly recharged a number of our hunk fantasies as well as intellectual curiosity, we got a feeling for civilizations beyond just a series of good photo ops. As you mentioned earlier, it was a more expensive and longer trip than usual, but the quality of the hotels (hot boutique to former palace), dining experiences (over the top drag restaurant to patio of a Chateau and Relais resort), and large variety of sites gave full value for the time and money. 
— Tom B., Washington, DC


Thank you for a most enjoyable adventure! The trip was so well planned and well-paced. I can’t speak highly enough of the accommodations! The gulets were a highlight of the trip for me in every way–accommodations, service, food and camaraderie. That was an inspired addition to the itinerary. As for the sights, we hit all the highlights and then some! Elvan was terrific as a guide. She was so full of information. It really made a difference to my experience to have someone so knowledgeable on the trip. Eric was a superb manager. He kept things flowing with a minimum of hassle. Finally, the group as a whole had such a sense of camaraderie. It really enriched the entire experience. This is one trip I shall not easily forget!
— John J., San Francisco