Let us thank you for a wonderful trip! We had a great time. The group was great, and we’ve made friends with whom we fully intend to stay in touch . . . Thanks for all your efforts looking after us and ensuring this amazing adventure went smoothly.

— Dick M & Bill S, South Jersey


We just sit here and relive the incredible things we did and saw. And your professionalism and class override it all… The three camps we stayed in were each unique and comfortable. The food and service were excellent… Your planning and execution were invisible to us, allowing for our full focus on enjoying the countries and the beauty and the animals… Thank you for a trip of our lifetime. We’ll be traveling with you again soon.

— Deb M & Sue J, Provincetown, MA


Kudos for putting together a really wonderful trip for us!… The whole crowd was a great bunch, and we thoroughly enjoyed traveling with each and every one of them… You have certainly gained us as clients and we’re sure to travel with you again in hopefully the not-too-distant future! In the meantime we’ll keep checking your site and dreaming of where we want to go next!
— Jerry S., Fort Lauderdale, FL


A great itinerary, a fine group to travel with, an excellent trip that I was very grateful to be able to enjoy… The small group size was attractive… A very knowledgeable, personable and attractive guide!
— Al B., New York City