Spanish Gems

Gay Group Tours Spain

Across Andalusia

October 7-14, 2019

Gay Group Tour of Spain — HIGHLIGHTS

  • Two of Spain’s grandest palaces: the Alhambra in Granada and Seville’s Alcázar
  • Tasting sherry at a wonderful bodega with its excellent art collection in Jerez
  • Extraordinary, vibrant Seville with its magnificent cathedral
  • Flamenco show
  • Moorish Ronda, split in two by a fantastic gorge
  • Beautiful Córdoba and its resplendent Mezquita

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Escorted Gay Group Vacations in Southern SpainINTRODUCTION

Southern Spain has long been a destination so attractive that it’s been invaded time and again by various cultures for nearly 3,000 years. Andalucía — the large region in southernmost Spain — has held an allure and a whiff of the exotic for a long, long time. Nowhere does Europe come closer to Africa — physically and metaphorically. Much of its natural beauty, history, culture, and architecture span two continents, and it’s this unique blending that has long given the region its distinctive flavor. In particular, it’s the legacy of the Moors, whose 700-year presence in Spain remains etched in stone across the land, which has greatly created Andalucía’s exoticism.

This itinerary will encompass two of Spain’s grandest palaces — the stunning Alhambra in Granada and the Alcázar of Seville; the magnificent cathedral of Seville; the country town of old Moorish Ronda with its winding streets perfect for wandering and split in two by a fantastic gorge; the passions of flamenco music and dancing in the old quarter of Seville; the purebred Andalucián horses at the Andalucían School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera, a city world-renowned for its sherry production; and the stunning Mezquita in beautiful Córdoba — originally an ancient mosque now overlaid with a Renaissance-era cathedral.

Another major draw is that Andalucía is popularly seen as the quintessential Spain. This is the home of nearly everything that is perceived of as stereotypically Spanish: flamenco, fragrant orange blossom,tapas, sherry, bullfighting . . . Come along with us and experience soulful Southern Spain!


Our tour manager in Andalucía is by far one of our favorites over the 19 years of operating our trips. Originally from England, he made Andalucía his home 15 years ago. Since then, he has explored most nooks and crannies of Andalucía (and quite a lot of Spain, of course). His knowledge of the local culture, language, and history will take you not only on a tour, but on a journey through time to appreciate precisely how Andalucía came to be. His charm, easy-going manor, and sense of humor are also winners!


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Sherry Bodega

The Basque Lands

A Unique Culture in Spain and France

June 29 – July 5, 2020
September 1 – 7, 2020

Gay Group Tour of the Basque Country — HIGHLIGHTS

  • San Sebastián — the gourmet capital of Spain, situated beautifully on a pretty bay, with a preserved Belle Epoque elegance
  • A day-trip to the French Basque Country towns of St-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz
  • Witness exemplary urban regeneration in Bilbao as well as its buzzing Casco Viejo — the city’s old town.
  • Sample the extensive variety of delicious Pintxos – the Basque version of tapas – available at bars throughout the region.
  • A day-trip to Spain’s top wine region – the world-famous La Rioja and a stroll through pretty Laguardia, an attractive walled town
  • The quaint fishing center of Getaria that is also home to a museum celebrating Balenciaga, an icon of haute couture
  • Gernika — a place steeped in tragedy from the Spanish Civil War — propelling one of Picasso’s most famous paintings — and at the vey core of “Basqueness”


gay tours Basque Country SpainSeaside San Sebastián  (known as Donostia in the Basque language) is perennially popular for its superb natural setting on La Concha Bay surrounded by hills — a beautiful city with top restaurants, a buzzing Parte Vieja (old town), an international film festival, and one of the finest urban beaches in the world. Ever since Queen Isabella II spent time here in 1845 seeking treatment for a skin ailment the city has remained popular with a well-heeled set. Some grand architecture and one of the world’s great dining scenes are part of the allure of this attractive city. San Sebastián makes a good base for the first three nights of the tour.

A day-trip over to the French Basque Country is in order with visits to St-Jean-de-Luz with its colorful harbor, old streets, a curious church, and elegant beach as well as to Biarritz, formerly the stomping grounds of European royalty – “the resort of kings and the king of resorts.”

The fishing center of Getaria is a picturesque town with cobbled streets winding their way to the harbor and makes for a pleasant stop between San Sebastián and Bilbao.

Gernika, the symbol of Basque pride and nationalism, was the scene of an immense tragedy having been destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. One famous result of the Nazi bombing was Picasso’s painting named after the town. Today it’s an emotive and welcoming market town, worthy of a stop.

Bilbao — our second base for the tour, also for three nights — has successfully reinvented itself from a declining industrial dinosaur to a vibrant and optimistic European city. The arrival of the Guggenheim Museum, designed by architect Frank Gehry in 1997, certainly had a great deal to do with that, but we’ll snoop around the narrow streets of the Casco Viejo, too — Bilbao’s old town. By far the Basque region’s biggest city, Bilbao buzzes with activity.

This is home to Spain’s top wine region – the world-famous La Rioja — so we’ll have to call in at one of the area’s lovely wineries.

Laguardia is one of the most attractive walled towns in northern Spain, commanding the plains like a sentinel (which it once was), but is also an important center of the Rioja wine region.


Along the way you can sample the extensive variety of delicious Pintxos – the Basque version of tapas – available at bars throughout the region. Various ingredients are piled on top of small slices of bread. These bites are usually enjoyed with a beer or the Basque favorite txacoli — a slightly sparkling, very dry white wine.