Congratulations on putting together twenty years of exquisite tours! They have provided unparalleled memories for our lifetimes.
— Bill P. and Jake F., Palm Springs, CA

Gay Scotland Tour Review 2

Scotland was wonderful! We had such a nice time. One of the best guides we have had (I’m missing his wonderful voice), and the hotels and restaurants were over the top. A great group of guys, and of course, everything worked seemlessly as we have come to expect from a Venture Out tour. Many thanks.

–Judy O., Marin County, CA

Reviews of Gay Japan Tours

Wonderful accommodations; great food; fantastic guide; good service throughout! Thank you. Looking forward to a third trip with Venture Out.

— Mike C., Vancouver, BC

Reviews of Gay Croatia Tours

You do a great job. I don’t easily relax and let someone else make all the decisions. Your trips make it possible to do both, learn, and have fun. Thank you!

— John M., San Francisco, CA

Reviews of Gay Spain Tours

It was a wonderful trip and we are in love with Spain. The Venture Out tour was fantastic in all respects. In particular, the tour leader was simply the best – knowledgeable, personable, just a joy to be with. In short order it was like travelling with a good friend. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone traveling to Andalusia. We had a most wonderful afternoon at his farmhouse for lunch – that was quite special.  The accommodations and restaurants throughout were perfect – the food and wine were delicious and abundant (I haven’t had the courage to get on the scale since being home). Thanks for everything you do to put these trips together. After two memorable ones, we are looking forward to planning a third!

–Peter M. and Steven M., Oakland, CA

Gay Japan Tours Review7

More than enjoyed — loved — your Japan tour! It was eye-opening and a pleasure to participate in.

–Ron O, San Francisco, CA

Gay Japan Tours Review6

Thank you again for helping to make Japan one of my best life experiences ever!

–John J, San Francisco, CA

Gay Japan Tours Review5

I loved Japan and thought it was a good group and a very nice trip. I think the highlight for me was the 1200 year old gingko tree in Takayama and spending a long time there when the sun just happened to come out and seeing all the village folks enjoying themselves and the beautiful sight. I think the first temple on the first day in Tokyo was my next favorite but honestly I thought every temple and every shrine were worthwhile.

–Jamie M, Seattle, WA

Gay Japan Tours Review4

Thanks for a wonderful trip. Once again you have shown that a well-organized tour is a great way to explore other countries and cultures.

–Jim and Ron, San Francisco, CA

Gay Scotland Tour Review

The trip was AMAZING.  I’ve been raving (intelligently for once) to all my friends . . . and regretting to myself that it took me so long to see the world a la Venture Out.  Will definitely travel with you again . . . Loved Skye, and am very glad it was on the itinerary.   I personally loved the castles . . . Hotels were fabulous . . . Restaurants great too . . . Nice balance of group time and alone time . . . So bravo!   Will be eagerly watching for future Venture Out announcements.

–Dan T., San Francisco, CA